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Get More In-Depth Ad Campaign Interactions & Stats

Integrate our marketing features inside of your ads on video content websites such as the ones shown above and more.



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Learn How We Create Better Business All Around

1) Video content visitors earn cash when they watch in-video ads.

2) This gives video content websites more page and video views.​

3) Monetized video content managers will earn more revenue from their video views.

4) Advertisers will have better leads due to a product can only be purchased through ads.

5) Video content visitors earn cash from every ad, and will be able to spend it on any advertised product.

6) Advertisers receive up to the minute ​analytics on leads and feedback.

7) You could spend as much as $20.00 on marketing & advertising and make as much as $200 on product sells.

Click the buttons on the right side of the example video ad,​ for more information as to ​how it works.

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